Palm tree illustration

 Coconut Residence is a ready-to-wear label inspired by the culture born out of immigration and the movement of people aspiring to a more prosperous future.

The inspiration is captured for us in the coconut tree: indigenous to the founders’ roots but foreign to their places of birth and residence.


“I studied at the London College of Fashion and have worked for independent brands, large retailers and bespoke tailors. The idea for the brand stemmed from the combined family heritage of the co-founders of the business, which spans the Caribbean, Guyana, India, Kenya and a childhood spent in West Africa. I feel very fortunate that my grandparents decided to choose the UK as their home and Coconut Residence aims to focus on and celebrate the diversity of the society that we live in. We draw inspiration from the full spectrum of creative arts, from music to architecture.

Because we think that people should buy consciously and thoughtfully, our clothes are designed and made to last. The collections are trans-seasonal, include unisex items and aim to create an elegant yet relaxed aesthetic. Each item is the product of months of obsessive thought and research. We only work with manufacturers that share our values and are able to realise our vision in each and every garment we produce. Our uncompromising approach to quality and detail means that some of our garments require the input of three separate sets of specialist artisans.

The Sanskrit mantra of the brand, which is subtly incorporated into every item of clothing we produce, is “mutual assistance of all beings”. This mantra is very dear to us and provides a constant reminder to live and do better. As believers in business karma, it's important that Coconut Residence is more than just another fashion brand; we aim to do good through the sale of good clothes. 

We produce a line of limited-edition products in collaboration with independent creatives every season and pay our collaborators a fair share of the proceeds. Conditions have been particularly tough in recent times for self-employed people working in creative industries and we want to ensure that as a brand, we do everything we can to support, promote and celebrate talented people and democratise access to the beautiful work that they produce. Creativity drives progress for all of us.

We committed, before we had sold a single item of clothing, to ensuring that Coconut Residence works to assist those less fortunate through relationships with charitable partners such as the Felix Project. We are looking forward to taking these projects to the next level as we grow.

Thank you for visiting and please don’t hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you with any feedback or comments.”

 Warmest wishes,  

Veeraj Signature | Coconut Residence


Illustrations by Bina Shah