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Craft & Provenance

Provenance is at the heart of the Coconut Residence brand.


The heart of the brand

We are passionate about producing products without compromise in construction, material, supply chain or detail. Our experience in the fashion industry, from bespoke tailors through to large retailers, means that we know the shortcuts that some brands take. To produce premium products at a fair price takes hard work and skill in research, sourcing and manufacturing.

We don't produce anything that we wouldn't love to wear. We want our products to delight everyone who wears them and to be worn for many years to come.

From cloth and dyes to finished garment, we want our material to support, rather than harm, the places that come from. We favour organic and recycled materials that care for your skin as well as the environment. Our entire production chain benefits from the strictest environmental certifications and labels in the market.


Our Linen

Linen is derived from blue-flowered flax, highly regarded as a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric. It has long been a favourite for tailoring because it's lightweight, absorbent and breathable.

The flax plant grows best in Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands, thanks to the rich soil and mild North Sea climate, where sun and rain alternate. The flax fibre we source is rain-fed as opposed to artificially irrigated.

Our linen is dyed using a cold pad batch method to reduce water usage, compared to exhaust dyeing techniques.

The pure linen we use across our tailoring is a 7 oz cloth spun by a specialised mill in Ireland. Irish mills weave linen slightly coarser than their Italian counterparts, leading to a denser cloth with a heavier feel and a sharper look. The natural imperfections in the fabric add uniqueness to every garment.

Superior quality linen will become softer and silkier over time, while low quality linen will retain its rigid and rough texture and will lose its shape. 

Our favourite way to dress up elegantly is to pair our Chela linen jacket and trouser with our Pondicherry shirt. 


Our Cotton

We only use 100% organic fabric in our cotton garments. The production of organic cotton forbids the use of toxic chemicals and GMOs and protects the health of soils, ecosystems and people.

We believe that manufacturing in Asia is a positive force when it's done right. This means caring for and respecting the rights of the men and women who create our clothing. Through our sourcing partners, employees are given the opportunity to acquire new skills and to receive education and training. All of the factories that produce our cotton are GOTS-certified and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.


Our Wool

Our Wool is sourced from a Scottish spinning mill in Aberdeenshire dating from the late eighteenth century.



We only work with experienced artisans who share our pride in attention to detail and quality. Our manufacturers are specialist, family-owned businesses in the UK and Italy. Because we know our manufacturers and produce in small batches, we can collaborate closely and meaningfully with them to make beautiful products together.

You can find specific information about each garment on its individual product page.

We are proud that our clothes are scrupulously designed and obsessively considered in order to create a finished products which are both subtle and effortless.

If you have any questions about our sourcing, manufacturing or craftsmanship, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.