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Mutual assistance of all beings:

परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम्

Tiffin | Coconut Residence

The brand mantra translates from the Sanskrit as “mutual assistance of all beings”. It adorns every garment that we produce.

We hold these words dear as echoes of the philosophy of our ancestors. Sharing accommodation, food, resources, and monthly wages is a common theme in the family histories of many immigrant communities arriving in new lands. There was a collective wish to ensure no one fell behind. Sharing a house with extended families and never missing a meal became the bedrock for building a more prosperous future.

Parts of the fashion industry can rightly be criticised for overconsumption, unethical labour practices and environmental harm. As a brand, we aim to operate in the right way by creating, manufacturing and retailing consciously and encouraging our customers to buy quality from brands that have principles which are aligned with their own.

To sustain this philosophy, we have partnered with an independent charity close to our heart, The Felix Project. For every item of clothing we sell, we will donate meals to feed four people in need. Through buying good clothes you can support a good cause.


The Felix Project

Millions of people in the UK struggle to feed themselves and are malnourished. This isn't a food shortage problem. There is enough food for everyone in our system - it just doesn't reach all the people who need it. The Felix Project provides the link between food suppliers with surplus food and charities feeding vulnerable people.


Visit our Work for Good page to learn more.