New Year - New Shirts - still WFH!



With Spring on the horizon, our latest Shirts serve as versatile and comfortable options for the modern wardrobe. The epitome of ‘smart casual’ - throw them on under a jacket or jumper for weekend walks on slightly chillier days or when working from home by that draughty window! You may need the right balance of keeping presentable but also comfortable. The current climate certainly puts a question mark over the right outfit choice (at least the top half!).  Our range of Pondicherry shirts accomplishes this feat in a couple of ways.

Firstly we pride ourselves on the construction of each shirt being handmade in Tuscany. Every shirt undergoes eighteen steps in production, and it takes over ninety-minutes to cut and sew one shirt. The carefully considered artisan construction is paramount as it maintains the refined nature of high-end shirting whilst standing up to repeated wear and will not deteriorate with age.

Secondly, the design details signify elegance and versatility over a regular shirt. We achieve this by blending a slightly tailored yet relaxed fit with premium finishing. Details include; Indonesian mother of pearl buttons; single-button rounded cuffs (easy to roll up); our iconic toucan collar; gusset details as well as a curved tail hem allowing for comfortable movement when tucked in and a more graceful look when un-tucked. 

We have worked with two prestigious mills in Italy to source quality fabrics such as denim, flannel, and oxford.  Each item is carefully selected for its quality and developed to offer some freshness to your wardrobe.

Our Pondicherry shirts are legitimately transitional and remain wearable all year.

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