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Article: Summer Tailoring

Summer Tailoring

Summer Tailoring

By now, your attention is probably turning to your summer plans, whether that means your long-awaited beach escape, a sun-soaked lunch à la River Cafe, or that delightful summer wedding. 

There is certainly an upside to dressing for summer (especially in the UK). Lightweight tailoring is one of the season's great pleasures, as it offers an opportunity to look elegant and feel at your very best on the brightest of days, a combination that winter attire doesn't always afford. If you are struggling with how to approach summer tailoring, take inspiration from our suggested looks below.

Whether or not you're flying off to the Aeolian islands, sun lounging in the tropics, or attending Wimbledon, we've got you covered. When the mercury starts rising, there is no better cloth than natural linen. Our single-breasted Chela Linen Jacket is a highly versatile option thanks to the cut and offering in two interesting yet classic colours, which work with a variety of accompanying tones. Our linen is sustainably sourced in Europe and traditionally produced in Ireland, renowned for its premium quality, drape, and body. Paired with polo and well-designed trainers, you'll have a sporty look that's fit for country drives and garden parties. Unlined jackets are a summer essential. They provide unrestricted movement and above all, breathability, which is key in warmer weather. 

Opt for the Jodhpur Jacket and Trousers, and wear with an Ivory White Linen Pondicherry Shirt, both made by our atelier in Tuscany. Bring the two together with a good pair of round-toe loafers in a polished colour such as dark brown from Berwick, for a look that shows an implicit understanding of elegance and good taste.

Our Ivory White Chela Linen Trouser are the equilibrium between smart and comfortable. The luxurious linen is dyed in a charming off-white which keeps you cool by naturally reflecting heat and sunlight, whilst the cut and signature side adjusters allow you to appear more formal. Sport a pair of tortoiseshell frames and our Mustique Blue Pondicherry Shirt, and you'll have an outfit that can see you from a long lazy lunch to an evening at your favourite rooftop bar.

If you require a pair of tailored summer shorts, you'll need a pair that doesn't restrict or inflict spontaneous combustion. Our Banjul Linen Tailored Shorts are the right option for your wardrobe and suitcase this summer. Each pair are hand-cut and made in Tuscany, designed to be stylish and flattering. Using the same hallmarks as a pair of Savile Row slacks, we've incorporated some grown-up details that will quite literally charm the socks of you and passers-by. They would work best with a good pair of sandals or slides, paired with a quality T-shirt or overshirt for ultimate beachside flare.


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