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Article: Free Your Knees : The Banjul Short

Coconut Residence | Banjul Linen Short
Product launch

Free Your Knees : The Banjul Short

As the mercury rises, there’s no reason to be scared of tailored shorts.

At Coconut Residence, we have meticulously developed a pair of shorts in three luxurious colours, that are wardrobe and suitcase staples.

Shorts are often overlooked or bought with compromise, as soon as the weather gets warm. It’s hard enough to find shorts that work, without resorting to styles that evoke memories of your school uniform or those of a surfing instructor.

Like every product, we have designed our shorts with longevity and understated elegance in mind. A must-have piece for warm days or any staycation/vacation you have on the cards!

Our shorts are created using rain irrigated pure linen, which is hand-cut and crafted by our atelier in Tuscany.

Obsessive about the small details, our shorts come with elegant turn-ups, pleats, side adjusters, and an extended waistband. Sartorial details like the after-dinner split are there for added comfort in wear (and just in case you eat too much gelato at lunch!)

All of our shorts also have a fabric apron around the inside of the waistband, as with our tailored trousers, and come with those exciting details like coin pockets.

The Banjul shorts have a very slight taper in the leg, finishing just above the knee.
The style and fabric mean they can be enjoyed across a wide range of settings and with a variety of other items.

Simply pair with a Pondicherry Linen Shirt and loafers or with a T-shirt and trainers.

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