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Sanskrit Signature Sweatshirt

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Studio Notes

The original sweatshirt was invented as a training jersey for the American football field in the 1920s. Up until then, most athletes were stuck with woollen jerseys, which were less comfortable and impractical.

When designing our house style sweatshirt, we wanted to create something versatile enough to be worn at anytime of the year and for many years.

With the technical knowledge and expertise of our sourcing partners, we quickly learned that a 100% cotton sweatshirt could, in fact, be less sustainable over time than a sweatshirt with a mix of cotton and recycled materials. Pure cotton sweatshirts tend not to be as hard-wearing and at the desired weight (350gsm) garments are prone to losing their shape and fit after washing.

In order to achieve a sweatshirt that would maximise sustainability (both in terms of the materials used and durability), we selected a ring spun organic cotton (GOTS certified) composition fibre with a small percentage of recycled polyester. In this way our sweatshirts deliver not only a superior fit but more sustainable credentials over the intended lifetime of the product. A staple for your wardrobe for many years to come.

Each sweatshirt subtly incorporates the brand mantra,  “mutual assistance of all beings”, on the chest and our signature logo on the half moon back neck. The sweatshirt has a comfortable tailored fit. The collar is cut and constructed with a 1x1 rib, which has a little bit of stretch to hold a collar in place and upright if you choose to pair it with a shirt. The raglan sleeves (one continuous piece of fabric from the collar to the underarm) offers greater comfort and flexibility of movement whilst ensuring minimal interference with the line of any jacket or outerwear that you choose to layer.


For every item sold we will donate meals to feed four people in need.

Colour:La Soufrière Black
Sanskrit Signature Sweatshirt | Coconut Residence
Sanskrit Signature Sweatshirt Sale price£25.00 Regular price£40.00