Shivy Studio - Artist Spotlight

Shivy - Artists spotlight


As a part of our journal on International Women's Day, we explore the profile of Shivy Galtere, an artist inspired by female empowerment and form. 

Shivy is an artist from London, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. 

After the sudden passing of her mother, she began using art as a form of therapy and left her career in fashion to paint full time.

Her work primarily focuses on her strong admiration for women and aims to capture their strength, intellect and beauty in her work. The nude canvas of women's bodies are of particular interest, as she believes that they illustrate an honest vulnerability.

In her latest work, she paints nude selfies. She is keen to de-stigmatise the sexual and cultural expectations, the male gaze has thrown on women (particularly women of colour) by normalising the female body on social media platforms, that still hold strict conditions in favour of men.

Her identity, race and life experiences play a key role in her art. She often uses Punjabi text in homage to her mother and explores her grief in various works.

To see more of Shivy's wonderful work, visit her studio site where prints and original works are available to purchase here.

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