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Article: Friends of Coconut Residence | The Social Cook | Rupa Bodhani

Friends of Coconut Residence | The Social Cook | Rupa Bodhani
Friends of

Friends of Coconut Residence | The Social Cook | Rupa Bodhani

Rupa Bodhani

Our wonderful friend, Rupa Bodhani @the_social_cook, worked with us to share her take on a Pancake Day recipe earlier this month from her  home kitchen, wearing our Zero Waste Harlesden Crewneck.

We caught up with Rupa to learn a little more about her favourite things, her supper club events and her lifesaver ingredients.

Rupa Bodhani is an incredibly talented Chef, Recipe Developer and Supper Club supremo. After working in buying for one of the world's leading high street brands, Rupa took a leap of faith, packed up her life in London and went travelling for 6 months, to explore new horizons. Once back with a fresh outlook on life, she followed her passion for amazing food and set out to train as a chef.

Her career and talent have led her to work with across London's most exclusive members clubs, launch and host highly successful supper clubs, such as 'Bombay Paradiso' the Indo-Fusion feast on the Boathouse whilst also creating a highly subscribed, mouth-watering collection of personal recipes and video cook-a-longs - through her own channel @the_social_cook (our personal favourites are Rupa's 'Turkish Eggs' and 'Paneer Momos'!)

My Residence is:

Our 1887 Victorian House In Walthamstow

What is your go to food spot in Walthamstow?

My favourite food place has to be The International Supermarket in Walthamstow, because of the neighbourhoods diversity you can buy everything from Indian, Caribbean, Turkish and European spices, sauces flatbreads and more and they have the most most wonderful seasonal fresh produce too, this is supermarket heaven for me! 

What are you up to at the moment, despite the lockdown/closed hospitality, can you share any details of what is to come?

I am working on something super exciting at the moment, but it’s a little too early for me to share, so you will have to watch this space. Just keep an eye on my Instagram @the_social_cook all will be revealed soon!

We've certainly been reminiscing about our previous travels, which inspire so of our collection, where was your last trip?

In Majorca (Mallorca) one of Spain's Balearic Islands last August, my first time on that island and wow I realised why everyone loves it so much!

What do you like to listen to whilst developing your uplifting recipes in the kitchen?

I’ve been enjoying a bit of music that transports me to somewhere sunny and makes me feel like I am dancing in the sun, my songs on repeat this week have been Aje Ajo – Narf Zayd and Buba Dj Remix and Volar La Pluma – Ninetoes.

In normal times, what do you do for guaranteed fun?

Everything fun revolves around food, friends and family. So, anything involving one or all of these I’m in my element.

As a busy chef and supper club host, where do you like to eat and what makes these places special?

Some of my favourite restaurants I am missing so dearly are, Crate in Hackney Wick, this has to be my favourite pizza spot, it’s right on the canal, full of so much atmosphere especially in the hotter months and their truffle and sage pizza is amazing.

Dishoom is one of my go too’s, I love the old decor of the Irani Cafes in India, the Ruby chicken and okra fries are delicious and although it’s not traditional Indian food, it hits the flavour notes to me.

The Palomar is always fun, an intimate buzzing restaurant in the heart of Soho serving up food from Middle East, Africa and Northern Spain, sitting at the bar and watching the chef’s cook up a storm is part of the experience for sure! 

You are definitely the expert in hosting friends and family and your dinner parties are always a highlight for our calendars, what have you counted on for fun and fulfilment recently?:

A lot of self-care, walks, good food and books, I'm currently reading 'Buddha in the Mirror' by Woody Hochswender

Whats been your creature comfort of late?

Tea! Tea is always comforting, especially at the moment.

With more time to cook and eat, what has been your favourite meal?

Dinner, it’s the longest most relaxed meal of the day and something I savour.

What are your three lifesaver ingredients in your kitchen?

Lifesaver ingredients, have to be garlic, chilli, lemon and salt. These are the holy grail for me, good extra virgin olive oil too….that’s a lot more than three but I think they are all musts in the kitchen and you can make almost any dish delicious with all or or some of them. 

What can we hope to see in '21 with the Social Cook?

Out of lockdowns more supper clubs and events, hopefully more collaborations and pop-ups across London.

Thank you Rupa!

You can follow @the_social_cook_ for some new ideas, curated recipes, supper-clubs, events, table scapes and more, Rupa also shares an IGTV SERIES #foodforthought every Wednesday 6pm

Contact Rupa about private dinners and future supper clubs 

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